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Hillcrest’s best

Hillcrest’s best

Hillcrest's best | Hillcrest Elementary School, Students of the Month
The Messenger 12.12.07

HILLCREST’S BEST — Hillcrest Elementary School’s Students of the Month for December were recently honored. Among those recognized from pre-K through third grade were (from left, front row) Chloe Ragsdale, Gracey Mealer, Bailey Basham, Edgar Garcia, (middle row) Colby Priest, Morgan Armstrong, Madison Hicks, Mollie Johnson, Dylan Ruiz, Tyler Walton, (back row) Daphne Becton, Richard Dugger, Rhett Thomas Fussell, Marli Hogg, Brittany Grinnell, Richard Owens and T.J. Stork.


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