Martin City Board-December

Martin City Board-December
Issues involving public safety were addressed during the formal session of Martin Board of Mayor and Aldermen Monday evening as board members chose to pass an ordinance requiring mandatory key boxes for structures within the city.
Board members passed an ordinance on its first reading that requires all buildings protected by an automatic fire suppression or standpipe system to be equipped with a key box.
“… the automatic systems may cause the fire companies of the City of Martin to be summoned at a time when the building or business is not occupied or when the occupant is not able to provide entry for the fire departments; and … the City of Martin wishes to prevent damage through forceful entry to structures and provide swift entry into structures by the fire department,” the ordinance reads.
It was recommended the key boxes contained the following:
• keys to locked points of egress, whether in the interior or exterior of the buildings;
• keys to locked mechanical rooms;
• keys to locked elevator rooms;
• keys to elevator controls;
• keys to any fence or secured areas;
• a card containing the emergency contact people and phone numbers for the building as well as floor plans of the rooms within the building.
The ordinance requires all existing buildings to comply within one year from the effective date of its passage. Newly constructed, not yet occupied or buildings currently under construction and all buildings applying for certificate of occupancy will be asked to comply immediately with the ordinance.
Buildings listed in the ordinance include: commercial, retail and industrial structures protected by an automatic alarm or automatic suppression systems; multifamily residential structures that have restricted access through locked doors and a common corridor for access to the living units; governmental structures and nursing care facilities.
A public hearing for the ordinance is scheduled for 5:15 p.m. on Jan. 14, 2008.
In other public safety news, board members agreed upon changes to the Martin Fire Department’s promotion policy that would offer a guideline for promotional process for the ranks of corporal, lieutenant and battalion chief base solely upon merit and fitness for promotion.
The next formal session of Martin Board of Mayor and Aldermen is scheduled for 5:15 p.m. on Jan. 14, 2008.

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