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Woodland Mills officials hoping missing heaters returned to park

Woodland Mills officials hoping missing heaters returned to park

By: Donna Ryder Messenger Associate Editor

Messenger Associate Editor
Woodland Mills officials are hoping the Grinch who stole from their city will follow the example of the Grinch who took Christmas gifts and decorations from the Whos in Whoville and later returned them when he had a change of heart.
When the weather recently dipped into chilly temperatures, city maintenance personnel placed heaters with thermostats in the new pavilion bathrooms at the ballpark. The heaters were there to help keep the pipes from freezing, so the restroom facilities could stay open for those who wanted to use the walking track in the colder weather.
Shortly after the heaters were installed, someone decided they needed them more than the city.
The mayor and board agreed Monday night not to replace the heaters, with the hope that a heater placed in the storage room between the restrooms will be enough to keep the water flowing through the pipes all winter.
Despite having no property tax and limited state-shared funds, the city, with the help of Woodland Mills citizens, was able to build the pavilion, which officially opened during this past baseball season.
In other business, after the meeting was opened in prayer by Mayor Wade Carrington and with the Pledge of Allegiance led by alderman Mark Hayes, the board:
• Approved November financial statements, including total assets of $8,198.89 in the street aid fund, $7,189.57 in the refuse collection fund, $582,027.59 in the sewer fund and $50,879.30 in the general fund.
• Agreed the meeting with David Angerer of the Municipal Technical Advisory Service concerning property taxes should be held separate from the regular board meeting in January. The board, faced with the possible loss of a Woodland Mills business and decreased state-shared funds, is looking at ways to raise money so it can continue the business of the city.
Both a property tax and a wheel tax have been mentioned, with Angerer to provide information on both.
Carrington said Angerer would be able to provide the tax rates of other cities and suggest an appropriate rate for Woodland Mills. He said the city’s tax rate would be lower than others because the city does not provide fire or police protection. Residents of Woodland Mills contract individually with Union City for fire protection, while the Obion County Sheriff’s Department handles law enforcement emergencies.
Carrington said he would like for the new tax to begin in the 2007-08 fiscal year.
• Learned bids are being accepted for the replacement of carpet on the ramp at City Hall.
• Heard the outdoor water fountain has been turned off for the winter.
• Was asked if anyone has complained about a sewer smell in their homes or businesses. At least one building in the city has this problem.
• Donated $100 to Junior Auxiliary of Obion County. A request was made that the organization provide a detailed listing of agencies being assisted through the organization.
• Appointed Mike George of the Obion County Emergency Management Agency to be the city’s point of contact with the Tennessee Emergency Manage-ment Agency.
It was noted by Tom Menees, the city’s contact point with George, that the city might qualify for grants should a fire department be created. The grant would require a 20 percent match from the city. No action was taken on the matter.
• Extended a thank-you to the men who stopped to cut down a tree on Highway 5 at Cedar Street. The tree was recently struck by lightning and caught fire. Hayes said the men were in a white truck marked with a circle and the word “fire.” Carrington said Obion County Rescue Squad members also responded and everyone did a great job at keeping the fire contained.
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Published in The Messenger 12.12.07


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