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Letter to the Editor-Writer praised for taking stand

Letter to the Editor-Writer praised for taking stand

By: Carolyn Clark

To The Editor:
I am, again, thanking you for the writers of articles in The Messenger.
I have praised one of your writers earlier and now I am praising you for Glenda Caudle.
It is Christians like Glenda who need to speak up or write about such evil people who are the devil’s advocate, as is Philip Pullman. He is an atheist. He doesn’t think God exists. How in the world does he think the earth, humans, animals and etc., were created?
Every parent should read the article written by Mrs. Caudle in The Messenger on Nov. 30 about “The Golden Compass.”
Ninety-nine percent of the movies made nowadays should not be viewed by Christians, especially children.
Thank you, Glenda, for your article. Maybe it will make more parents aware of what their children go to see.
Carolyn Clark
South Fulton
Published in The Messnger 12.12.07


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