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By: By Judith Wolfgang

wcp 10-25-07
It is important that periodically we pause to consider if our goals and our lives are taking us where we want to go. God has uniquely made each one of us. He has given each of us talents to use not for our glory, but for His glory.
The sooner we find our talents and our gifts given us by God, the sooner we are able to use those gifts to glorify God; the sooner we can use our life even more wisely than we already are!
How do we find our gifts? Prayer is a good way to find our gifts, as is listening to other people when they mention our strengths and what we are good at.
And when we find our gifts, there are countless ways we can use our gifts. Hopefully our gifts will be first and foremost to glorify our Father is in heaven.
Have you found your gifts and talents yet? I believe all people have several gifts given them by their Heavenly Father.
God bless you each and every one.


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