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Photo: Pumpkin Cutters

Photo: Pumpkin Cutters
Photo: Pumpkin Cutters | MBA, Martin Business Association, Party in the Park, Weldon Park, Martin

Party in the Park
Party at the Park – River Newsom and Chase Kryder picked up first place honors for their pumpkin at the Martin Business Association’s (MBA) first-ever party at Weldon Park on Saturday. The event featured live music and family entertainment. Members of the MBA cite they would like to schedule events like this throughout the year. MBA was designed to bring Martin-based businesses together for community as well as to assist local leaders with guidelines on the collective needs of business owners in the community. The next MBA meeting is scheduled for Nov. 6. For more information, contact Roger Donaldson at 587-2575.
Photo courtesy of Katrina Cobb
WCP 10.17.07

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