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I’m looking for

I’m looking for
We each have a file of names from our past — names attached to memories that sweeten our everyday lives. Perhaps The Messenger can help you make those memories live once more.
Send us the name of that special someone you would love to hear from or know more about. Include any information that might help identify the person, such as parents’, spouse’s or children’s names, a last known address or the name of a school or church the person attended. We’ll publish it in our “I’m Looking For” column and encourage our readers to pass along to you any information that might help you make contact with that name and face from the past.
Information from our readers will be relayed only to the person seeking assistance.
All requests must include the name, mailing address and daytime telephone number of the person making the request.
I’M LOOKING FOR… “cousins” from among the descendants of Hugh and Delilah (Woods) Woods.
“My great-grandfather on my father’s side was Hugh Woods, who married Delilah Woods. They had a son, Hugh Washington Woods, born March 27, 1847, in Perry County. He married Rebecca Taylor Nov. 6, 1872, in Kenton or Memphis. Rebecca was the daughter of Joseph Taylor and his second wife, Cynthia Canaday (or Kennedy). Hugh and Rebecca had two sons, John Hugh Woods (born March 8, 1875) and Joseph Taylor Woods (born Dec. 13, 1876) and a daughter, Effie Agnes Woods (born Oct. 29, 1980). Joseph died in Texas in 1878.
“I would like to find out if there are any relatives still in the Obion County area, however far removed. If so and if they would care to correspond with me, my address is Jo McLeod, 16300 Red Oak Road, Tyler, TX 75707. Phone (903) 566-2253.” Published in The Messenger 10.15.07

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