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Farmers Union Carbon Credit Program Enrolls 2.5 Million Acres

Farmers Union Carbon Credit Program Enrolls 2.5 Million Acres
WASHINGTON (Oct. 15, 2007) – National Farmers Union announced today that it has more than doubled the acres enrolled in the organization’s Carbon Credit Program. Since the program’s launch in 2006, an estimated 2,400 producers from 26 states have enrolled more than 2.5 million no-till and seeded grassland acres in the voluntary program.

The enrollment period for no-till and seeded grasses ended on September 15.

“Our nation’s producers are feeding the world, fueling the future and, through this program, playing an active role in protecting our environment,” NFU President Tom Buis said. “I’m pleased to see such wide-spread support across the countryside.”

Additionally, more than 200 applications for nearly one million acres have been received for the new managed native rangeland carbon sequestration practice in western states. These applications will be processed in the coming months.

Recently, partial payments totaling more than $2.3 million dollars were sent to producers and landowners who enrolled in the carbon program for 2005 and 2006. It is anticipated the remaining credits will be sold from that pool and additional payments made before the end of the year.

Farmers Union has been approved by the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) to enroll producer acreages of carbon into blocks of credits to be traded on the CCX, much like other agricultural commodities. Large companies, states, cities and even consumers buy credits to offset their own carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Once the credits are sold, producers earn income based on the acres they have enrolled.

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Posted 10.16.07

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