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Drug charge levied

Drug charge levied
The Messenger. 10.12.07
A drug-related charge was filed against a Trimble man when he and another man were arrested for public intoxication late Thursday night on a Union City shopping center parking lot.
Sam J. Hudson, 34, of 23 Switzer Road 34, Trimble, was arrested at 11:33 p.m. Thursday for public intoxication and possession of marijuana, while David Lee McCurdy, 33, of 2621 Revell Road, Obion, was arrested at the same time for only public intoxication, according to Union City Police Department reports.
The two were arrested after police were checking about 11:20 p.m. on a vehicle with its tail lights turned on sitting on the parking lot of County Marketplace at 1700 West Reelfoot Ave. An officer reported that as he pulled up, he could see someone slumped over behind the steering wheel of the vehicle. As he walked up, he observed another person laying on the shoulder of the first person.
The first person, identified as McCurdy, apparently had passed out and the officer had to rub his chest area in order to rouse him, according to the reports. Once awake, the officer smelled an odor of an alcoholic beverage about him and observed an open container in the center console of the vehicle. The officer reported that McCurdy didn’t know where he was at the time and almost became combative. He allegedly refused to exit the vehicle and the officer was forced to physically drag him from the vehicle, noting that McCurdy “could barely stand” after being removed.
An officer who awakened Hudson reported that he detected a strong odor of alcohol about him and noted that he had slurred speech and was unsteady on his feet, resulting in his also being arrested for public intoxication. A search resulted in police finding a plastic bag containing a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana in one of Hudson’s pants pockets, according to the reports.

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