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To Weakley County voters

To Weakley County voters
To the voters of Weakley County,
On Thursday, Oct. 5, 2007, the most disgraceful thing happened at the Weakley County School Board meeting in Martin. The school board refused to discuss the mold problem at Westview High School after this issue had been placed on the agenda. Anything put on the agenda is supposed to be discussed by the parents and school board members at that meeting. Nothing can be discussed if it is not put on the agenda before hand. I know the board attorney told the school board not to bring that subject up. So the board stopped the meeting before the parents could address what was being done to correct the mold problem. The parents had a legal right to discuss their concerns about what was being done to protect the health of the students and all school personnel.
By the board’s own admission, they had known about the mold problem for more than two years. Why was the problem not taken care of? What are the school maintenance department people doing? They are getting paid with our tax money to keep our schools up and safe.
The teachers or any school personnel that did speak out will probably be reassigned or gotten rid of. As Mr. (Richard) Barber will not tolerate being questioned about his part in this matter. It has been discussed around the county that he fired one of the bus drivers because she questioned him about not being paid an equal salary that other drivers were paid. Barber will not hire me to drive a county bus route that I live six miles from two routes that were open. He hired a driver from Pillowville to drive 40 miles to get to one of the routes. That makes it 80 miles a day in taxpayer fuel being spent for no reason. One other driver comes from Gleason for the other route and paying for fuel for an extra 50 miles a day.
I think it is time for the voters of Weakley County to go to the polls and vote for new Board members and take back our right to elect the Director of Schools instead of him being appointed by the school board members. Then if the voters are not happy they can elect someone that will do their job for the parents, teachers and students.
I have a granddaughter at Westview that says sick with headaches and a sore throat all the time.
You can contact me with questions or comments,
Ronald (Cotton) Legans
WCP 10.09.07

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