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Is it ripe?

Is it ripe?
You’ve spent all summer working in your garden. Now it’s time to reap your rewards. But is that melon ripe? Find out how to harvest the fruits of your labor at their peak of flavor.
The August-October issue of Organic Gardening offers techniques for perfect picking:
• Asparagus: Harvest the third year after planting. When stalks reach 6 to 9 inches tall, cut or break them at the soil line.
• Beans: Beans snap in half when they’re ready. Pick them every other day.
• Broccoli/cauliflower: Cut 6 inches below the filly formed main head. Continue cutting side shoots as they form.
• Cantaloupe/muskmelon: When skin is netted and the fruits separate easily from the vine, melons are sweet as can be.
• Carrots: Harvest when the roots are at least 3/4 inch in diameter, and before the ground freezes, or protect them with a thick layer of straw.
• Corn: Puncture a kernel with your fingernail. If a milky fluid flows out, it’s time. If the liquid is toothpasty, the corn is overmature. Silk should be brown.
• Cucumbers: Cut from vine when cukes are a deep green and seeds are still soft.
• Storage onions: When about half of the leaves topple, push the rest over. Let onions cure in the soil for a week.
Published in The Messenger on 10.09.07

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