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Class to celebrate 55 years

Class to celebrate 55 years
Here we are, the class of 1952, 55 years later. Some do not look the same, having put on a few extra pounds. Some have a few grey hairs or no hair at all. Some have a few more lines since last we met.
Our lovely school building is no longer there with its oiled floors and the most wonderful fire escape a teenager ever slid down. First, they took the third floor down, and then, eventually, brought it all down. I am sure progress was made, but sadness also abounded.
Our teachers were some of the best, and they didn’t have fiber optics with which to work, but some how they got across to us what they meant for us to learn. We had an extraordinarily well-stocked library with many reference books to find the answers to the questions put to us. We had notebook paper and a No. 2 lead pencil, and when something was erased, it didn’t float into cyber space, but was lost because we had erased so much there was a hole in the paper.
Our parking lot was not full of students’ cars because we didn’t have any. My parents let me drive an old ’39 Plymouth to school because we lived out of town. This car was almost the only one in our parking lot with the exception of the faculty cars. If we ever got my car started we had better not stop because we might not get it started twice in a row.
We had 52 members in our senior class, which was a large class then. We had good, not great athletic teams, except maybe to us and our parents. We were so proud of our purple and gold. As a matter of fact, we still are. We expected to be seniors in what is now the Middle School, but alas, that did not happen. As it happened, we were the last class to graduate from our beloved high school.
The bell has rung once again. It is time for class to begin. The roll has been called, but some 13 will not answer this time. We miss them so very much and have fond memories of times past.
The writer, James Barre, once said, “God gave us memories that we might have roses in December.” If this is true, we should all have rooms of roses in our minds always.
As we convene in this 55th year, we are full of expectations of much laughter, talking until we suffer from sprained jaws, and lots of good fellowship.
If any of our friends would like to see any of us, stop by the hospitality room at the Hospitality House or come by the Buddy Roberts’ home at 5494 Floyd Shuck Road in Union City on Friday at 5 p.m. It would be so much fun to see you again.
Published in The Messenger on 10.09.07

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