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Fire Prevention Week is the time to practice home fire safety

Fire Prevention Week is the time to practice home fire safety
In 2006, fire killed more Americans than all natural disasters combined. Home fires were the leading cause of fire deaths, with 80 percent of all fire-related fatalities occurring as a result of residential fires.
Fire Prevention Week is Oct. 7-13 and the home safety experts at First Alert® are urging homeowners to ensure they have taken all the steps necessary to protect their families from fire emergencies.
This year, the National Fire Protection Association is urging families to prepare for potential fire emergencies by practicing a home escape plan and taking additional safety measures.
“There are simple steps people can take that will greatly reduce the risk of fire-related injury and property loss,” said Deborah Hanson, BRK Brands/First Alert director of external affairs.
First Alert offers the following home-safety tips on smoke alarm installation, maintenance and general smoke and fire safety:
• Create and practice a home escape plan at least twice a year, making sure everyone is involved from kids to grandparents.
• Install smoke alarms with both Photoelectric and Ionization sensing technologies on every level of your home for maximum protection.
• Have a smoke alarm in every bedroom and on every level of the home.
• Test smoke alarms at least once a week.
• Change the batteries in smoke alarms every six months or when the low battery signal is heard.
• Keep a fire extinguisher or fire extinguishing spray in your kitchen and near other areas where a fire could occur, such as in a workshop, garage or near a fireplace.
According to Hanson, fire safety education is the cornerstone to reducing the incidence and severity of home fires. “One of our goals is to raise awareness about home fires and help people understand that practicing fire safety is an ongoing process,” she says. “These six preventative steps don’t take a lot of time, but they’re extremely important and can make the difference between life and death.”
A residential fire occurred every 76 seconds last year, killing more than 2,500 people and injuring nearly 13,000.
To lean more about protecting your family from smoke, fire and carbon monoxide, visit the First Alert Web site at
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