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Master Beef Producer Program provides valuable information

Master Beef Producer Program provides valuable information
Need to improve the profitability of your cow-calf operation? A Master Beef Producer Program for cow-calf producers in Obion, Dyer, Gibson and Lauderdale counties is being planned by University of Tennessee Extension. This program has been held for the past three years with very positive feedback. On Oct. 22,these four counties will begin conducting the Master Beef Producer program for the fourth time.
What is the Master Beef Producer Program? The Master Beef Producer Program is an extensive educational program designed to help cow-calf producers improve their profitability and competitiveness. The program includes 10 educational sessions that focus on cow-calf production and marketing techniques as well as issues facing the beef industry, including: Managing & Planning for Success, Marketing Beef Cattle, Developing Genetics to Meet the Needs of the Industry, Carcass Merit, Feeding the Beef Herd, Forage Production, Reproduction in Beef Cattle, Herd Health, Cattle Handling and Behavior, Environmental Concerns for Beef Producers, Food Safety, and Management of the Beef Herd.
Each session meets for three hours.
In 2004, 12 Master Beef Producer programs were conducted across Tennessee, with 311 producers and their spouses being certified. During 2006-07, 81 sessions were held with 1,350 cattle producers participating. To date, 2,534 cattle producers have participated.
UT Extension beef specialist Jim Neel says producers who participated in the Master Beef Producer Program expressed increased confidence in their role as producers. “We often heard folks express their enthusiasm for the program with comments like, “I now have a better understanding of how to use EPD’s (expected progeny differences). Our entire management, production and marketing practices will be enhanced due to knowledge gained at these meetings,” Neel said.
According to Neel, several of last year’s participants anticipate positive economic impacts as a result of applying the Master Beef Producer Program concepts. Many expect their new found knowledge to translate into between $1,000 and $10,000 additional profit.
A $175 registration fee is required to attend the program. The fee covers all 10 sessions, a reference manual and other educational materials. The cost of the program will be $175. If you have registered for your premise I.D. and you are currently BQA certified, the cost will be reduced to $75. Producers who complete the program will be awarded a Master Beef Producer cap and a farm sign.
The sessions will be held at the Dyer County Extension Office in Dyersburg. The sessions will get under way at 6 p.m. and run until 9. The initial session will be held Oct. 22 with additional sessions being held Oct. 25 and 29 and Nov. 1, 5, 8, 12, 15, 26 and 29.
The Master Beef Producer Program will help West Tennessee cow-calf producers focus on improving the production, marketing and profitability of their beef cattle. Neel says those who routinely employ the research-based information will benefit the most. “Producers will be better equipped to make informed management and marketing decisions as a result of participating in the program,” he said.
The Master Beef Producer Program is open to any interested cattle producer. However, a limited amount of space is available for each session. Those interested in participating should register in advance to guarantee their enrollment.
Contact the Obion County Extension Office at 885-3742 or e-mail for additional information and registration material.
Published in The Messenger on 10.02.07

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