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Cherry’s Corner

Cherry’s Corner
wcp 10-02-07
This Houston’s Not In Texas!

More than a decade ago I had the good fortune to meet an individual from Martin who became and remains a very dear friend of mine. He is just one of my many brother’s in Christ and I believe our meeting was fore-ordained by God.
We share a common thread as far as the military goes in that we attended the same school at different times. In 1964, I was stationed at Fort Knox, Ky., attending the Armor School Radio Maintenance and Repair Course (RM No. 12).
We discovered through our conversations with one another that he had preceded me a few years earlier at that same address taking the same course.
He moved to Martin from Mississippi and after working for a time as an agricultural product salesman decided to run for the county Register of Deeds office and was elected.
I was already employed at the county courthouse when he arrived, and I tell him often that I did not particularly like him when we first met. It was not that he was not a nice fellow. It was just something in the way he spoke. A man with considerable more education than I. Until this day I
cannot tell you why I felt that way, but over time as we got more acquainted with each other I realized that he was a spiritual person, I came to love him as a brother. That’s what many people call him even until this day, “Brother Patrick.”
In the mid-1900s I was very much involved in studying to be a minister, an evangelist. In order for me to receive my credentials it was required of me that I obtain the signatures of two ordained ministers who knew me well as a Christian and deemed me worthy to stand behind that sacred desk. Bro. Patrick was the first to sign followed shortly by Brother Billy R. Burch, (another Christian brother that I love).
I’ve got a little more than three years to reach my retirement at the courthouse, and the Lord has blessed me
with many years of employment and support for my loved ones there.
He also blessed me with a new boss as of Sept. 1 of last year. You guessed it!
His name is Houston, and he is not in Texas.

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