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Presidential Hopeful, John Edwards, In Columbus,Ky on Thursday

Presidential Hopeful, John Edwards, In Columbus,Ky on Thursday
Grassroots efforts by a 24-year old activist in Western Kentucky has proven a huge coup in landing democratic presidential candidate John Edwards’s giving Columbus Belmont Park in Hickman County a visit by the former senator and vice-presidential hopeful from 2004.
Shawn Dixon told “Wired” Magazine the reason why he helped coordinate the effort was that he wanted rural voters to have a voice and to be “engaged” in the political debate.
The contest, hosted by the social networking platform called Eventful, put out a call from Edwards’ camp that promised to make a tour stop in the community that logged in the most votes.
Columbus logged in the most votes with more than 1,800 votes, beating large, metropolitan communities like Los Angeles, Denver and San Francisco. A big feat for a rural community that only logged in 229 residents in the last census, filing more online votes that any city.
Dixon is a native of small community nestled on the banks of the Mississippi River, according to “Wired”, and is now a first year law student at New York University School of Law. He said that he wants the candidates to discuss the issue of rural Americans who are making $8 an hour and living paycheck to paycheck.
The issue of utilizing the Internet for grassroots efforts and fundraising efforts started extensively when Howard Dean ran for president in 2004.
Candidates for president are now using social networking communities, such as Dixon did on Eventful, and others such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. On Eventful, the effort was called “Demand to be Heard.”
And Edwards’ camp heard the voices of 1,870 people.
Upon winning Columbus winning the contest, Dixon posted this on the Eventful page for the event.
“ … we have started a new dialogue about rural America and the everyday problems facing our small towns and communities. It’s important that in the coming days we keep this conversation going and send a clear message to our elected leaders that we will no longer sit by while the needs of rural America are ignored,” he wrote.” This event is not about party politics, but rather about sharing ideas and proposing solutions to help restore rural America to the thriving vibrant communities we all love and know they can be. I am thrilled that former Senator John Edwards is now giving us the opportunity to host him and hear his plan for small towns like ours all across America.”
The event is scheduled for noon on Oct. 4 at Columbus-Belmont Park. Free barbecue will be provided as Edwards meets with citizens of western Kentucky and northwest Tennessee.

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