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Aw Shucks! CornFest comes to a close

Aw Shucks! CornFest comes to a close
After lots of hard work, the first-ever CornFest in Obion County has been deemed a success.
Main Street-Union City executive director Glenda Chrisp said everything went really well.
CornFest actually started at the beginning of September with Labor Day weekend events and included beauty pageants, a talent show and tennis tournaments prior to the bulk of the activities last week.
More than 150 children participated in the chalk art contest in downtown Union City. Each received Cokes™ from Coca-Cola Bottling and pizza from Snappy Tomato Pizza, as well as cookies and goody bags. Mrs. Chrisp said winners will be contacted today.
Mrs. Chrisp said the CornFest Committee apologizes that due to a misunderstanding, the mini-carnival did not happen on Thursday, “but we look forward to the event next year.”
After the chalk art contest, children once again filled the sidewalks of downtown Union City, but this time to watch the CornFest parade. Mrs. Chrisp said they were “pleased with the participation.”
There was a large crowd for CornFeast at the Obion County Fairgrounds on Friday evening. “It was well supported by the community,” she said, adding the crowd was very receptive to Jason Kizer who performed later that night.
CornFakes also had a huge crowd for the youth who participated. Mrs. Chrisp said there is always a large number of youth who turn out to be in the show, which has traditionally been called Magnificent Impostors. “We would love to see more adults.”
Events Saturday were held at Kiwanis Park under the umbrella of Art in the Park. “It was unbelievably successful,” she said.
The day began with Run for a Cure, a fund raiser for Cystic Fibrosis, and CornFest Wheels in Motion, which was sponsored by the Obion County School’s health program.
Mrs. Chrisp said the new event Pets in the Park was unbelievable with so many pets. Everybody showed up with a big assortment of pets, including rabbits, crabs and small and large dogs. She said she thought the most unusual pet was probably the rabbit since not many people have rabbits as pets. “There were some great pets. Some were so tiny you could hold them in your hand.”
Also part of Art in the Park was a creative chair auction. About 30 chairs — no two alike — were made by area artists for the event.
Vendors with artistic abilities showed everything from jewelry to oil paintings and arrangements for Fall and Christmas. There were food vendors set up as well. Junior Auxiliary was also on hand to do different things for children.
Mrs. Chrisp said the cornbread cookoff was a hit, tough they did not have as large a turn out as they would have liked. She said people were lined up for white beans and cornbread, with Billy Jack Cranford having the make cornbread several times to satisfy the hungry crowd.
The bed race was as “an absolute hit.” A total of eight beds, with four pushers and a rider on each bed, were raced on Church Street. She said the event, which included a Chinese fire drill, was won on speed not distance.
There was also several people who participated in the corn eating and corn shucking contests.
Mrs. Chrisp added that Joe Ward emceed the entire day and that several different groups performed throughout the day. “They helped make the day, with not one dull second.”
Earlier on Saturday, Commercial Bank held its annual Kids’ Day Carnival at the East Reelfoot Avenue branch. “They always have a large turn out,” Mrs. Chrisp said.
To round out the activities, Steve Whitson and Craig Morgan performed a concert at the Obion County fairgrounds. “It was one of the best audiences we’ve ever had. They were receptive to not only Craig Morgan, but also Steve Whitson, who signed autographs for 1 1/2 hours. And the weather was excellent.”
Mrs. Chrisp said winners in each of the contests will be announced at a later date. She added if anyone has any suggestions for next year’s event, they may send them to the Main Street office.
Associate Editor Donna Ryder can be contacted by e-mail at Published in The Messenger 10.01.07

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