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Teenager’s dog vandalized

Teenager’s dog vandalized
Teenager's dog vandalized | Labrador retriever, Cody Wade, Jake the dog

Jake painted with red enamel.
The canine companion of a 17-year-old who has suffered brain damage was the victim of a seemingly cruel act last week. In an effort to raise awareness about the incident or find a semblance of justice, the friends of Coy Wade of Martin have pooled $100 as reward for any information leading to an arrest or conviction of the person responsible for the vandalism of their friend’s “best friend.”
Wade was seriously injured in an accident June 23 when the axle on his truck broke causing a loss of control of the vehicle. According to his grandfather Ronnie Wade, the 17 year old spent about a month at The Med in Memphis before transferring to HealthSouth Cane Creek Rehabilitation in Martin for in-patient physical therapy.
Wade suffered another setback when his trachea tube was removed causing him to lose oxygen to the brain.
His grandfather reported Wade is showing some progress, but a doctor did confirm he suffered from serious brain damage.
“He would just be sick if he knew what had happened to his dog. We just can’t figure out who would do something like this to Jake. Cody loved that dog,” Ronnie Wade said.
Wade had been living with his grandparents, Ronnie and Reba, on Melody Drive just south of Westview High School before the accident. Jake, his white Labrador retriever, had been a part of the family for more than a year.
“Jake went everywhere with Cody and his friends. He loved hunting and fishing and we can tell now that he is grieving over Cody not being here with him,” Ronnie Wade said.
The grandfather described how last Thursday he came home and found Jake covered in red enamel-based paint.
“I’ve tried everything to get the paint out, but nothing has worked. I guess it will just come out when he sheds his coat. It will have to grow out,” Ronnie Wade added.
A letter that was issued by friends of Wade states:
“Jake enjoyed riding in Cody’s truck and especially going duck hunting or fishing with us in Cody’s boat. If Cody knew about Jake in this condition, he would be very hurt. We cannot imagine anyone being this cruel to any animal or to Cody.”
Wade’s friends are asking anyone with information concerning the incident to call them at 514-9596, 514-1697 or 514-2652.
Wade would have been a senior at WHS this year.
WCP 9.27.07

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