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Hitman deaf to trivial noise

Hitman deaf to trivial noise

Sticks and stones may break my bones, ….

Called virtually every name in the book by a multitude of parties over the last 25 years, the game’s greatest gridiron guru rarely answers to but one.

The Hitman.

On the eve of the next chapter of the Obion Central-Union City football rivalry that is sure to see half the county’s population refer to him in one light and the other 50 percent in another, the sensational sideline soothsayer simply takes it all in stride and shall remain undeterred.

With a nearly-impeccable .920 (23-2) showing last week, the practically-perfect prep pigskin prognosticator bettered his seasonal mark to 95-20 (.826)— that first-month percentage nearly identical to his all-time mark .828 grade that includes 20 consecutive years of shattering the once-coveted .800 mark.

The proof-positive portfolio packs particular punch when it comes to calling past OC-UC games as many swear the fabulous Friday football foreteller has the most bearing on such outcomes and point to his splendid 20-2 all-time mark in the series while howling of his bias toward one program or the other.

With neither a denial nor a confirmation of those allegations nor any other barbs, insults or offending phrases hurled in his direction, the awesome all-knowing augur makes his calls on this week’s games with a freshly-cut switch in hand and a pocket full of rocks — just in case.

See you at the game.

OBION CENTRAL AT UNION CITY — As in all such rivalries, watch out for those flying record books that are normally tossed out the window in such instances. The Rebels’ winless ’07 mark essentially means nothing, as does OC’s five consecutive wins in the series after being dominated for the better part of four decades by the Tornadoes. Ditto for Union City’s “good-effort-still-a-loss” performance against McKenzie last week and the belief that the Twisters are close to being back to being able to throw their helmets on the field and intimidate the Troy boys. Plain and simple, this is a toss-up. And with the familiar sounds of one side chanting ‘Nothing makes me sicker than a Union City slicker,’ and the other yelling ‘Pew-wee what’s that smell? C-E-N-T-R-A-L,’ don’t be surprised if comes down to who has the ball last. It truly is as clear as mud. — UNION CITY.

FULTON CO. AT SOUTH FULTON — Things have gotten progressively worse for the Hitman’s homeboys since they dented the win column for the first time since the ’05 season by beating Ballard in their opener. A couple of tough foes sandwiched an egg laid by the Devils against West Carroll for three straight losses, and now injuries to key people are threatening to send SF down the same one-way road it traveled last year. Expecting South Fulton to make a U-turn against a beatable 1-3 Pilot squad shouldn’t be that far-fetched, though a change in direction of the program’s recent fortunes may not be on the map if this turns into a dead end. Hoping for a detour, the signs say — FULTON CO.

WESTVIEW AT CAMDEN — Teacher meets pupil in this one when Don Coady tries to show one-time Charger defensive coordinator Kevin Ward something he doesn’t already know. Ward has proven to be a good student with his building the Lions into a highly-respectable bunch after years of being a marginal program, but don’t think for a second that Coady revealed every one of his learning curves. Good grades for both, but the head of the class is — WESTVIEW.

In other games, it’ll be — Humboldt over Trenton, McKenzie over Huntingdon, Fayette Academy over Bruceton, Gleason over Middleton, Lake Co. over Halls, Gibson Co. over West Carroll, Munford over Covington, Crockett Co. over Frayser, Dyer Co. over Chester Co., Dyersburg over Westwood, Henry Co. over Treadwell, Haywood over Fayette-Ware, Ripley over Bolivar, JCS over TCA, Milan over BTW, USJ over Briarcrest, Adamsville over East Hickman, Stewart Co. over Richland, Lewis Co. over Waverly, Manassas over Tipton-Rosemark, Murray over Ballard Mem., and Mayfield over Paducah Tilghman.


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