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Martin Senior Adult Center

Martin Senior Adult Center
wcp 9-25-07
Hello everyone! The Martin Senior Adult Center has been extremely busy in this month of September. Hope everyone was able to attend some of the Soybean Festival entertainment and activities downtown. First of all, I want to start out with a lengthy list of “thank you’s” and congratulations pertaining to the Soybean Festival events that took place here at the center.
Sept. 4 and 5 was our annual Soybean Shuffleboard Tournament. Our winners were as follows: In the women’s division, first place winner was Joyce Armstrong; second place, Alma Freeman; and third place, Louise Murphy in the main. Our consolation winners were first place, Anna Laws; second place, Norma Mobbs; and third place, Virginia Isbell. Congratulations to all you ladies! Winners in the men’s division were as follows: first place, Roy Armstrong; second place, Tommie Moore; third place, David Gaylord; and fourth place, James Mobbs, in the main. The consolation winners were first place, Gerald Freeman; second place, Vemon Ray; third place, Bill Johnson; and fourth place, Thomas Richards. Our other winners were Bob Milner, Larry Brousseau and Edd Crockett. Congratulations goes out to the gentleman. We want to thank David Spencer of Woodmen of the World for the money donation that bought the nice trophies.
While the shuffleboard tournament was taking place these two days, we had hamburger lunches. Thank you Tom’s Peanuts for providing the chips and to everyone who joined in and supported the center for this fund raiser.
Friday, Sept. 7, was also a big day for us. It was our annual Soybean breakfast. We had a great turnout, and I think everyone enjoyed their meal. I want to say a big thank you to all of the folks who were kind enough to donate their time helping out during the breakfast. Here it goes…. Thank you Barbara Hammonds, Mary Chamberlain, Bill and Jean Johnson, Sondra Todd, Emmogene Farmer, Christine Adams, Alma Freeman, Edd Crockett, William McCree, Tracy Scott, Joyce Todd, Charles Gamer, Kenneth Grant and Margaret Nutting. I hope I didn’t leave anyone out.
I have a few more very important thank you’s concerning the breakfast. Thank you, E. W. James for your very generous donation and special discounts. Thank you, McDonalds for the donation of cups, lids and gravy bowls. It takes great people like you all to make our special functions a success. Oh, I can’t forget this one. Thank you to everyone who participated in the bake sale. Every last crumb sold.
Now, we still have more congratulations to say. As you know, we had a quilt display the day of the breakfast. The public got to vote for the prettiest quilt design. The lucky winner was Jean Johnson. Jean got to take home a sewing basket with sewing goodies inside. Thank you also for all the other beautiful quilts that were brought in to show. We also had a quilt raffle, and our lucky winner was Martha Buchanan. Hope she enjoys! I think this just about wraps it up for the Soybean Week here at the center.
Now, we must move on. The center had “chocolate day” Sept. 13. We were pretty hyper that day. There was a table full of various chocolates brought. We thought it would be a fun thing since it was actually National Chocolate Day. What a way to celebrate.
Our monthly potluck was Thursday, Sept. 20. Leroy Brent, Ombudsman Program coordinator spoke about what the Ombudsman Program is all about.
The Martin Senior Adult Center is filled with various activities throughout the week. We also have a fully equipped fitness room for your convenience. The center is open 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Hope to see you soon.

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