C.E. Weldon Library

WalkandReadAcrossWeakley – Week 3

By Karen Campbell Press Reporter A doctor. A mayor. A governor. Three of the four libraries I’ve walked to thus far in my #WalkandReadAcrossWeakley on-foot tour of the county reading and resource repositories are named for men who have had an impact on their communities. Dr. Nathan Porter, Mayor C.E. Weldon, and Governor Ned Ray…

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#WalkandReadAcrossWeakley – Sharon to Martin

If you’ve listened to a book, have you “read” it? What’s that humming noise? Is this what they call the ‘yellow fever’ cemetery? Can we make the eight miles between libraries before the storms come? Add a few minor other questions regarding friendships, family, and God, and you’ve pretty much got the gist of the…

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First #WalkandReadAcrossWeakley Is in the Books

By Karen Campbell Press Reporter How do you top a night on Broadway (in Nashville) and a stop at the Eiffel Tower (in Paris) when entertaining a fellow Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) on her brief visit during Peace Corps week? Take her on a #WalkandReadAcrossWeakley at 7 a.m. on a chilly West Tennessee Saturday! The first leg of my month-long…

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