‘BARK’ PLACE — Alexis Rainey of Union City was joined by her husband Dustin’s dog, Waylon, on a family game night that included playing a game of Monopoly. Her four-legged friend may have preferred to buy “Bark Place” instead of the popular board game’s pricey Park Place property. Local residents who are social-distancing and quarantining during the coronavirus pandemic have found time to enjoy traditional games and other activities with their families in recent days. The Messenger asked readers Tuesday to share photos of family game nights on the newspaper’s Facebook page. Several excellent photos were received and others will possibly be published in future online and print editions.


  1. Jason and Brandy Eakes on April 8, 2020 at 5:49 pm

    Please tell Dustin hey!! From Jason and Brandy Eakes! We’ve met ur lovable pup at the shop! Dustin was great about helping us fix our wreckers before we sold out and moved out of state! Hope u both remain safe and well through this difficult time!!! Anyone needing a good guy to work on diesels should reach out to Dustin!

    • Laura Archer on April 21, 2020 at 9:22 am

      Awe.. Nice endorsement!. It’s always great to see people lifting their fellow human being up!!. Too often people eagerly speak of any bad they can.. 🙁 But I wasn’t surprised to see a great message like this from Brandy & Jason Eakes!!. They have ALWAYS been friends of the animals & the people! Any Rainey I have ever met has been the same too, btw! 😉
      Hope y’all are doing well, Brandy!. I sure hate that we don’t have y’all local anymore. 🙁
      Take care all!..
      Laura Archer & the Pudge-n-Pals crew ❤️🦮

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