Empowering the workforce of Weakley County

By Christian Ashlar

Press Reporter

According to various online sources (one of which being www.tn.gov), the unemployment rate in Weakley County is 3.1 percent, as of September 2019. This is down from 5.1 percent recorded in January of this same year. Manpower of the Mid-South, a company in business since 1978, has opened a location in Martin. The opening of this office could mean a continuing decline in the number of unemployed in the county.

Celebrating 41 years of client service, Manpower of the Mid-South opened its first office in Jackson, on Hollywood Drive. Since then, it has grown to 14 staffing offices and one professional office throughout three states. In Tennessee, these offices include Clarksville, Dyersberg, Jackson, Lexington, McKenzie, Milan, Paris, Selmer, Trenton and Martin; in Kentucky, Hopkinsville and Madisonville; and in Mississippi, Tupelo.

One of the immediate challenges a company such as Manpower faces is the misconception of the type of workers it helps to find employment. The range of job options goes well beyond just the physical laborer. Like many other staffing companies, Manpower offers a wide range of jobs for a wide range of job-seekers. Customer service positions, computer programming, and general labor are among their listings. In many cases, additional training is provided.

Eric Britt, regional director, says, “I think we need to be super-ingrained in the community.” Covering Clarksville in Tennessee, Hopkinsville and Madisonville in Kentucky, Britt is still familiar with rural areas like the ones in Weakley County. He understands the need for a staffing office such as Manpower and the vital services it provides. Britt adds, “We’re excited to be here.”   

When looking at the working demographic of Weakley County, there is a need for innovative solutions to a varied client base. Manpower has experience offering these types of solutions. They help potential workers form a long-term strategy to employment, not just a quick fix to a temporary situation of unemployment.

They feel they can serve every workforce need because of this. Coming to Martin has allowed them to establish a more centralized location for Weakley County, thus extending their range of assistance and effectiveness.

Whatever the need, Manpower attempts to match the individual with an employment opportunity that fits their particular skill set. This strategy allows the individual to not only get a job, but maintain the job and work toward a lasting career. Manpower’s ultimate goal is to put everyone who wants a job to work and to help them feel fulfilled in the job they find.

Martin Branch Manager Brandi Stewart says, “We are so excited about our Martin location and joining the Weakley County community. We look forward to being an active member of the community, while providing valuable employment opportunities in a wide variety of positions.”

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