LET’S PRAY — It was an unusually large insect that caught the attention of Union City resident Fred Hancock and captured him the honor of winning The Messenger’s August Monthly Photo Contest. “I photographed this praying mantis on the window of the hallway at Exchange Street Church of Christ this past Sunday morning, Aug. 4,” Hancock wrote. “Obviously, it was trying to get into our building to pray.” He took the image with his Apple iPhone. The Messenger is currently accepting entries for the September contest. The winning photo will be published on the front page the following month. To submit a photo for entry, email the image to ucdm@ucmessenger.com with the subject line “Photo Contest.” Emailed images should be no smaller than five inches wide and 300 dpi for the best reproduction. Be sure to include the photographer’s name, address and daytime phone number, as well as where the photograph was made, what kind of camera it was taken with and a brief explanation of the photograph. The deadline for each contest month will be the last day of the month.

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