Football parents to host Charger Shrimp Boil

By Randy Cavin

Press Sports Editor

If you like shrimp, grilled chicken, potatoes and corn, then the parents of the Westview High School football players have just the thing for you.

The parents are holding the inaugural Westview Shrimp Boil at the American Legion Post 55 in Martin Aug. 15. Tickets are $50 each and can be purchased from any parent of a Charger football player.

People will need to purchase their ticket as soon as possible because there are not many remaining.

“We have only a few left to sell,” said Gordy Brown, the father of Westview players Jace and Luke Brown. “They are going fast.”

The parents have organized this to raise funds for the football team, which has more players than any other sport at Westview. The funds raised will go to help purchase anything the team may need, but it will mostly be used to feed the team before each game.

Brown said the parents looked at a few places to hold the shrimp boil and the American Legion was the most logical establishment to have it at. The American Legion Post 55 was more than willing to help out.

“Football helmets, which used to cost $150, are now anywhere from $300 to $350,” Brown said. “We want to raise money to help the team in any way that we can, but mostly to feed the players before and after the games. The Sons of the American Legion Squadron 55 will cook the food and the American Legion Auxiliary Unit No. 55 will be the servers for the night. This is us, the parents doing this for the players. The Booster Club and City of Martin is not part of this.”

Westview principal Jeromy Davidson thinks this a great idea by the parents and he has already purchased his ticket.

“This is the first time for it and the football parents are putting it together,” Davidson said. “I think there is a lot of excitement for it, and it is the Thursday night before we go to McKenzie for a jamboree. Our football parents get together every year to try to raise money to feed the boys. Coach (Matt) McConnell wants to feed them before the game this year, but the parents have always fed them afterward.”

Davidson praised the Booster Club for all that it does for each of the athletic programs. It can only do so much with a school that has 12 programs.

“We have a fantastic Booster Club that supports all of our athletics,” Davidson said. “Then we have parent groups that do things specific to those sports. The football parents have always gotten together to feed the players, especially after the games, and especially on the road. This year we go to Covington, and we to Lake County, and we go to Medina for South Gibson, and we go to Waverly.

“Medina is only about 45 minutes and Lake County is only about an hour. But, Covington is about an hour-and-a-half and Waverly is about to two hours. So, getting those boys something right after the ball game, and them not eating a pregame meal at 4, and then not eating again until 11 or midnight when they get back is huge. I think this is ideal for health reasons and such.”

You can contact Brown for tickets at (731) 571-7746 if you do not know a football parent and would like to purchase a ticket.

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