Hummingbirds Flocking to Area

You’ve probably noticed an explosion in the number of bird customers if you have hummingbird feeders near your house. Why do we have so many this time of year? The answer is that it is migration time for the hummers and they have to put on weight for their long migration back to Mexico and other south of the border countries where they live in the winter.

Hummers are tiny and interesting. They’ll provide endless entertainment if you have a feeder near one of your windows. Inside cats love to watch these diminutive birds hovering within eyesight and the hummers will also peer through the windows to keep an eye on the cats.

The weather in northwest Tennessee has been very dry for the last several weeks which causes flowers to stop producing the nectar that is the mainstay of the birds’ diets . Many humans come to their rescue by putting out hummingbird feeders and keeping them filled with a sugar & water mixture.

For writer Sue Lasky’s amusing take on hummingbirds and a recipe for homemade hummingbird feed see the Sept. 13 issue of the Press. 

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