SEEING IT THROUGH — Kenton alderman and business owner Wade Simpson (left) discusses the condemned historic building in downtown Kenton as it was demolished on Monday with Kenton city workers and Kenton Mayor Danny Jowers (right). According to Jowers, the building was initially a bank, but later served as Kenton’s City Hall before being sold for use as a private business. The building had fallen into such a state of disrepair that it had no substructure remaining and was separating from the building with which it shared a wall and had become a threat to operating businesses and public safety. Of the demolition, Jowers said, “It’s scary, bringing it down, but it has to be done.” After much discussion at meetings of the mayor and board of aldermen, it was decided several months ago that the city would demolish the building to prevent a possible disaster, should the building collapse on its own.

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