Local Man Leaves His Mark on Monuments in Memphis

Westview Charger fans remember Anderson Markei Guy for his speed on the football field. And if his role in last week’s recognition of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Memphis is any indication, he hasn’t slowed down.

Guy served as the manager for two significant projects leading up to the commemoration of 50 years since the assassination of King —  the “I Am A Man” Plaza at Clayborn Temple and the MLK Reflection Site at the corner of B.B. King and MLK Boulevard. Both projects contain elements that were revealed for the first time on Thursday and Friday last week.

Though time and weather were formidable opponents to completing the tasks, Guy knew how to play the game.

First, he had a good coach. Dave Rosenbaum, a retired executive from Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare, determined Allworld Project Management where was he wanted to invest his considerable expertise back into the city. While 40 years separate the consultant and the project manager, Guy was quick to acknowledge that with international attention focused on what Memphis would do, he was glad to have Rosenbaum on his side.

“He was a godsend,” said Guy who landed a position as a field engineer with Allworld just after graduating from the University of Memphis with a civil engineering degree.

To deliver all aspects of the MLK Reflection Site by deadline, Guy had to find a way to move artist Guy Hunt’s “The Mountaintop” from what was considered its obscure location on Main north of Poplar to serve as the centerpiece of the newly established park. Given that it is a 10-ton metal sculpture, that was not a task just anyone could achieve. However, Guy tenaciously sought out the now retired mover who had helped relocate the work previously. After negotiations, he traveled from his home in Arkansas to ensure it was ready for last Friday’s unveiling.

Guy suggests that the tenacity needed to move a mountain and be a successful project manager was nurtured within him long before he took engineering courses.

“I give a lot of credit to my dad,” said Guy of father Stanley Evans of Martin. “Growing up in the country, you learn by doing and dad liked to teach that way.”

But he, quickly adds, he cannot slight his mother Marcia Evans, when it comes to what has ensured his quick rise and growing recognition in his field.

“She’s the manager at 3Js Market and from her I learned the soft skills,” he said. “When to speak, when not to speak … She taught me how to treat people, how to love.”

The 50th anniversary events which included the unveiling of the two projects overseen by Guy were estimated to bring more than 100,000 to Memphis. With so many eyes watching his latest wins, Guy wouldn’t be faulted for slowing down and taking some time to himself. But that’s not the game plan. He’s already preparing for his next assignment with Allworld – working with a waste management company. And … he’s not wasting any time.

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  1. Lenetta Woods on April 12, 2018 at 1:54 pm

    God is Good. He is so right about his mother and father. He comes from good stock. Keep up the good work Marquis. May Godcontinue to Bless you

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